3 ways your business will benefit from serverless

Published: 7 May 2019
Published: 7 May 2019

Serverless. One of the latest tech buzzwords you may have heard floating around. IT providers and IT geeks alike have been banging their drums about this since Microsoft launched Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) in 2009, but the age of the serverless office is now upon us and if you are the right business type you can move to the serverless office right now.  

Here, we break down our top 3 ways your business will benefit from serverless.  


1. Pay for what you use 

There can be many times when demand outstrips supply in the IT world, whether that be seasonal work, rapid expansion or the opposite a streamlining of your business and its employees. With cloud based software delivered on a per month per user basis you can turn on the tap whenever its needed and only pay for what you use. 


2. Better scalability  

Most businesses would, at some point, like to grow. If you want to be the next Google (or grow at all), you need to think about whether your current server can handle that.  

With serverless, you can quickly and easily accommodate any growth – or not. There’s no need to provision infrastructure without knowing if your business will need it.  


3. Security

No downtime for updates and a permanently patched system. New updates, improvements & features are automatically pushed in eliminating the need for a manual update. You get all the latest updates for free, most of the time without even you knowing about them. If you are in a heavily regulated industry Office 365 and Microsoft Azure can tick most of your compliance boxes making tenders a dream. 


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