5 top tips for secure passwords

Published: 15 January 2020
Published: 15 January 2020

We’ve been on the internet for over 35 years yet unfortunately, many users have still not learned the most important lesson – use a secure password!

In a recent study, it was reported that over 92% of users use simple (easy to remember but also very easy to hack!) passwords such as “Password” and “123456”.

“So what if it’s easy to hack” you ask? With us using the internet to access online banking, shopping, booking holidays and everything in between – using a simple password puts all of your data at risk. So what do we recommend?

  1. Don’t use the same password everywhere – It’s reported that 64% of users use the same password everywhere. This means if a hacker accesses one of your accounts, it’s a matter of seconds before they access the rest too. To avoid this, create a unique and hard to guess password for each platform.
  2. Use your imagination – Keep it memorable but not guessable. This means you shouldn’t include any information which is easily discoverable (such as your date of birth, your street name, etc).
  3. Length is key – TheL0ngerpasswordtheBetter  one tip is to think of a memorable motto, 3 or 4 random words.
  4. Consider a password manager – Password managers auto-generate and save passwords on your behalf. These passwords are saved in an encrypted location which you can access with your master password, so all you need to remember is 1 password! (and two-factor authentication!)
  5. Use a password along with two-factor authentication for better security – the purpose of two-factor authentication is to make attackers’ lives harder, making it more difficult for them to access your account. Two-factor can be turned on for Twitter, Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Dropbox, Google, Linkedin, Paypal and others. Two Factor Authentication Tools like Authy allow you to backup your two-factor accounts in-case you lose your phone. Also if a website asks for Google Authenticator or Duo authenticator you can use Authy instead.


Whilst the above tips may sound complicated and like hard work for your memory, they will be worth it for your business’ security.

“I’ve been using Password1 for years and my accounts have never been compromised” you say? Our final tip (yes, we know that makes it 6 in total but it’s a good one!) is to take a quick at this free online tool which checks if any of your data has been compromised in a data breach and, if so, where. The results may surprise you!

If you require any advice on how to ensure your business is secure, get in touch with our team hello@infusetech.co.uk


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