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Published: 20 January 2021
Published: 20 January 2021

With all the uncertainty and upheaval, the last thing you need is your home Wi-Fi signal not being up to scratch. To make sure your Wi-Fi is working as hard as you are, follow the process below:

Reboot your router

Speed up your home Wi-Fi by switching your router off and waiting 30 seconds before switching it back on again, this will reset your broadband to connect to the fastest speed.

Reposition your router

If your router is hidden in the corner of your living room or behind a drawer in the box room, it’s likely you’re going to be getting a slowed down signal. Try centralising your router within your home, somewhere off the ground for better Wi-Fi coverage.

Speaking of positions…

This tip may take some trial and error but will definitely help when it comes to maximising your Wi-Fi coverage. If your router comes with external antennas, try positioning one vertically and one horizontally. If your router has only one or an internal antenna, try re-positioning your antenna for a stronger connection to see what works for you.

Disconnect Wi-Fi draining devices

This may sound pretty simple, but disconnecting any devices that don’t need Wi-Fi but are tapping into your network will help speed up the devices that do require a faster connection. Think the “smart” novelty impulse buys that you amassed in lockdown 1 but never got to work – the less devices that are connected to your network the more bandwidth there is for devices that do need it.

To extend or not to extend?

If you do need to extend your Wi-Fi coverage, a good option would be investing in powerline extenders. Plug in Wi-Fi extenders can be a bit hit and miss and are best avoided. If you have the budget, a full mesh Wi-Fi replacement such as Netgear Orbi or Amazon’s EERO can provide faster speeds and are straightforward to set-up as the mesh systems do not require network cables or powerline extenders.

Is it time to upgrade your router?

When did you last update your hardware at home? If your router is over 5 years old, it may be time for an upgrade. Older routers don’t support newer technologies (such as faster speeds). If you are paying for faster home internet, your hardware may be the culprit that’s slowing you down. Give your broadband provider call and see if you can get a free upgrade.

If all else fails…

If you’ve exhausted our list of top-tips and nothing seems to be working, it’s a good idea to speak to your internet provider to see what they can do to help, there may be an area network issue or a problem that’s been overlooked that needs a closer look. By taking the time to reach out you may be able to pinpoint the answer to boosting your Wi-Fi at home.

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