Your Cyber Security Wishlist: 5 cyber security tools to gift your business this Christmas

Published: 12 December 2022
Published: 12 December 2022

As you tick off the names on your Christmas gift list this year, don’t forget to buy for your business too! Cyber security is the gift that keeps on giving and these five tools will protect your business during the holiday season and beyond.  

Christmas is fast approaching with festivities and gift buying already in full swing. Depending on how organised you’ve been, you might be nearing the end of your Christmas shopping for the year. You’ve sorted the presents for your friends and family, but have you considered buying something for your business as well?

Christmastime is the perfect time of year to invest in your company’s cyber security.

Cybercriminals aren’t the type to take the holidays off, in fact ransomware attack attempts increase by 30% globally during the holiday period. This means that a high-quality cyber security should be a top priority on your business’ Christmas list.

Our cyber security specialists have outlined five essential tools that will fortify your IT systems this festive season and going forward:

5 cyber security wishlist essentials for your business:

1. Cyber security training

With human error being one of the leading causes of security breaches, when it comes to cyber security, it’s a case of the more you know the better. Even a basic knowledge of cyber security principles will help you to better protect your business online.

Cyber security training for yourself and your employees will provide your company with valuable insight into cyber security best practices and ensure your business is cyber-secure against virtual threats.

2. A password manager

Using the same password for all your devices and accounts is a big red flag for cyber security. However, remembering multiple passwords across countless accounts can be challenging – this makes a password manager essential for businesses.

A password manager is designed to make password management hassle-free by storing all your login details in a single digital vault. With this handy and cost-effective tool, all your accounts can have their own unique password, but you only need to remember one master password to access them.

3. Cyber insurance

Most businesses have insurance to protect against a physical break-in, but few companies are covered in case of a cyber breach.

Cyber-attacks are not just costly for companies, but the legal and reputational repercussions can be extremely damaging for business. With cyber insurance cover, your company is better protected from the consequences of an IT security incident.

Before you take out an insurance policy, it is important to note that not all cyber insurance policies are the same. Each comes with its own set of compliance requirements, which you must comply with to ensure your business is sufficiently covered and able to make a successful claim.

For ultimate protection, use our cyber insurance compliance services to help stay off your insurance provider’s naughty list.

4. A cyber security audit

Can you remember the last time (if ever) your business had a cyber security audit? Cyber security audits can help strengthen your business’ online defences, identifying any weak points and areas for improvement.

Start 2023 virtually strong and arrange a cyber security audit today.

5. A cloud backup solution

After a busy year for your business, imagine if all that work was lost or deleted.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, cyber-attacks can still happen and it only takes one to slip through the net for your company’s data to be compromised.

In the wake of a cyber-attack, a cloud backup solution can quickly retrieve your lost files and restore your damaged systems with minimal disruption to your service.

Cloud backup services also provide remote storage and an extra layer of security for your data, helping to protect your business from cyber-attacks, hardware failure and other security threats.

How Infuse can help

As you can see, there are plenty of cyber security tools you could gift your business this year, but remember cyber security isn’t just for Christmas.

Infuse is here to help you take control of your company’s cyber security with a strategic approach to IT that protects your business all year round. Our aim is to provide hassle-free cyber security with our range of IT services that can be tailored to meet your company’s needs and objectives.

Get in touch with us today for expert advice and guidance on how your business can stay secure online. Our team of IT specialists has extensive experience in protecting businesses like yours from cyber threats.

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