Don’t panic! Get your head around the latest Office 365 updates

Published: 16 January 2020
Published: 16 January 2020

Microsoft do like to keep things spic and span with their Office 365 package and as a result, they’re releasing three new updates which we think you should be mindful of over the coming weeks.


Keep reading for an overview of what these updates include and what they mean for your business.


Office 2016 for Mac – end of mainstream support

If you’re still operating on the 2016 version of Office for Mac then make sure you upgrade before October 13, 2020 to keep receiving support! Without an upgrade and the support that comes with it, your programmes won’t be as secure as they can be and of course, you’re missing out on some pretty hot features from the latest version.

No one can force you to click that upgrade button, but it’s well worth it to make sure that if you need a helping hand, it’s there whenever you need it.


Suggested replies coming for iOS, Android and Outlook for web

Much like Gmail has been doing for a little while now, the new version of Office 365 will allow you to take advantage of suggested replies in your emails. So when Darren from marketing emails you asking if you want a brew making, you can click the automated reply that says ‘Go for it!’, rather than typing out your own response and wasting 5 seconds of your life that you won’t get back!

It’s a handy tool that saves time in those busy periods and it will certainly keep Darren at bay until the next mammoth round of drinks needs making.


FindTime is here!

Like us, do you find it annoying when you’re trying to book a meeting for your team but you can’t find a time that works for everyone? Well, the clever clogs over at Microsoft have been thinking of a solution to this incredibly tedious office irritation.

FindTime has been built for Microsoft Outlook and in their own carefully considered words, it is ‘The easiest way to schedule across companies’! This new tool shows the days and times that work for all of the attendees in a meeting request and each person votes for the time and date that works best for them. From this, a consensus is formed and a date is agreed. How simple is that!


So the next time you see a prompt to update your Office 365 package, rather than delaying and asking it to remind you tonight, or tomorrow, or next Wednesday, take the time to get it done there and then to benefit from some great new additions.

Did you know Windows 7 is now no longer supported? Read our blog to find out what this means to users.


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