Let’s talk Teams: Get your head around the latest round of updates for Microsoft Teams!

Published: 16 November 2020
Published: 16 November 2020

Live Captions are here!

Do you switch on subtitles when watching the latest trending Netflix series? Well now, this is available for live Teams calls too!

This handy little feature uses artificial intelligence so you can see who is speaking along with what’s being said. This means your meetings are more inclusive for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, can help participants concentrate in louder settings (think kids running around whilst being “home schooled”) and provide everyone with another way to follow along.

Let the focus be on YOU with Spotlight in Teams meetings

Ready to take centre stage? Lock your individual video (or someone elses) for all participants to see during a Teams meeting. Ideal for presentations, webinars…and maybe showing off your latest lockdown hobby creations!

Teams meeting and calling recordings now stored in OneDrive and Sharepoint

Ever needed to recap what was said in an important meeting? Or missed a crucial company update? Then this may be the real-life replay feature you didn’t know you needed! Teams meetings and call recordings can now be stored in your SharePoint or OneDrive for Business providing you with access to recordings faster and greater security controls when it comes to external sharing and recording access.

Let your presence (or absence!) be known

Status updates are a great way to let others know when you’re available… or busy, or away… (you see where we’re going with this). Teams have introduced a new offline presence status – allowing you to have full access to Teams whilst signalling to colleagues that you’re unavailable.

Teams templates

Like us, if you’re always after new ways of saving time and using tech to make life that little bit easier, Microsoft Teams templates may be what you’ve been looking for! The handy new feature helps you to create new custom templates for your organisation, allowing you to standardise team structures, pin relevant apps, and scale best practices.

Customise notifications for content relevant to you

Through a newly designed notification settings section, users are now able to customise what notifications they receive to keep track of the activity they actually care about.

It’s a handy feature that helps you remain focused through busy periods without being disturbed. So when the team is sharing what they had for dinner last night, you can select not to be notified until you’re ready to reply (…or when you’re in need of some dinner time inspo!) To access, go to your profile picture > Settings > Notifications.

Teams have also introduced a new setting that allows you to turn off message previews in chat notifications if you want a little more privacy.

Let’s talk Teams

With over 155 million daily users, Teams has eased the pressure on businesses to migrate from in-person to remote operations. As Microsoft Gold Partners, we can offer a range of Teams and Office 365 solutions to kickstart your digital transformation by bolstering your technology capabilities to prepare your business for the ‘new normal’.  Get in touch today at hello@infusetech.co.uk to get started!

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