Police blooper means 400,000 records gone, is your data safe?

Published: 18 January 2021
Published: 18 January 2021

Whilst you may not think the data your business holds is as important as the police database, a data loss such as this one reminds us of two main things:

1) the potential damage data loss and data breaches present can wreak (costly) havoc on all areas of a business

2) GDPR (and the fines that come with mismanaging personal data) have not disappeared because we’re no longer part of the EU.

Many organisations think “it could never happen to us” but if a disaster were to occur, how long do you think it would take to get your business up and running again, and do you think your business would be able to recover? Failure to prepare can lead to irreversible damage for many businesses. Take a look at some key considerations to prevent the worst from happening:

Back ups

Regular backups give you peace of mind when it comes to your data. By backing up your critical business files, you’re giving your business the best chance of recovery if your files become corrupted or your systems fail. With Infuse cloud, you can choose what you’d like to be backed up so should the unthinkable ever happen, your business can restore from a recent back up and be up and running with minimal disruption.

Business continuity

“Failing to plan is planning to fail” applies to your data too. Forward planning is key when it comes to keeping your business functioning should a data disaster strike, whether its human error or a huge office flood, by having a business continuity plan in place, you can protect your systems and keep your business running.

Infuse work alongside businesses to create business continuity and disaster recovery plans ensuring core business functions can operate to speed up your business recovery in the event of a crisis.


According to reports, the ICO has distributed fines to SMEs over £60,00 for breaching GDPR rules in 2020/21. Mismanagement of data within businesses not only leads to hefty fines but causes damage to your organisation’s reputation. It’s also important to remember that although we have now left the EU, GDPR regulations still apply.

Did you know Infuse have a dedicated security team on hand to help create and implement a security strategy to ensure your organisation is protected against data breaches and assures GDPR compliance. Read more about our security services here.

For more information on how Infuse can help your business to take data security seriously and alleviate any potential data disaster risks, get in touch today at hello@infusetech.co.uk

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