Protect Mobile Devices with Microsoft ATP for Android

Published: 24 July 2020
Published: 24 July 2020

As Microsoft Gold Partners, we are proud to share the latest updates that use the newest technologies. Microsoft recently announced the rolling out of Advanced Threat Protection for Android with iOS rolling out later this year. The application is designed to give businesses further protection across their deployed devices to keep organisations and data safe. With the world having adapted to remote working, the reliance on mobile technology grew – as did the level of security threats, making it imperative for businesses to protect sensitive information accessed through mobile devices.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for Android offers additional protection from threats in the mobile space as more people are using mobile devices for work. The application also scans for malicious apps and files whilst being able to detect sophisticated malware and dangerous apps through its cloud protection capabilities. ATP for Android is also able to block devices that have been compromised from accessing corporate resources. Let’s take a look at these capabilities in more detail.

Key Features

Phishing protection – phishing remains one of the biggest threats on mobile, with malicious sites, emails and other applications being the main culprits which trick users into using unsafe connections. Microsoft Defender ATP for Android protects against phishing attacks and blocks attempted access to unsafe websites. Users are notified of blocked links and security teams are alerted via the centralised Microsoft Defender Security Centre. Unsafe connections are blocked; however, users are given the choice to allow links, report or dismiss alerts with all access attempts reported.

Malware scanningAlthough enterprises deploying Android can use Google Play Protect to reduce the threat of harmful applications being installed on devices. Microsoft ATP for Android powered by cloud protection adds another layer of protection by introducing additional controls and visibility to keep Android devices free of security threats. Scans are instantly performed and to detect malware and dangerous downloads to keep company devices safe.

Blocking access to sensitive data- Once a device has been identified as being “high risk”, Microsoft ATP for Android will flag the device and access to corporate resources and assets will be blocked. If a device is found to be a threat to enterprise security, the user will be notified and provided with information on how to remediate. Once the threat has been removed, access is to company assets is restored automatically for the Android device.


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