Snow day? S’no problem!

Published: 16 March 2018
Published: 16 March 2018

It may be mid-March but with the Beast from the East threatening a return this weekend, your mind will probably be on one of two things:

  1. Where did I leave my snow gear?
  2. How much money will my business lose due to employees not being able to make it in to work?

…and we have the answer (to ‘b’ at least!)

Your business doesn’t have to lose anything.

“What? How?”

It’s simple. With the development of cloud software, advanced connectivity and a range of technologies including smart phones, laptops and tablets… ‘work’ has become an activity and not just a place.

Whether your employees are working from their local coffee shop or are at home because their child’s school has closed, you can ensure productivity levels are kept high by implementing the right technology and procedures ahead of any further unplanned weather disasters.

“What are my options?”

  • The cloud

The cloud is a very powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. In switching to the cloud from on-premise servers, e-mails, data and work-related files can all be stored safely and securely and be accessed providing you have an internet connection.

  • Make phone numbers virtual and not fixed

Using a virtual number (VoIP) which isn’t fixed to a landline, you and your employees can pick up a call from any location providing they have an internet connection.

  • Video conferencing

Face to face meetings don’t need to be cancelled or rearranged. Simply use hosted video conferencing software such as Skype For Business.

  • Other tools

As a company who not only research and implement tools to help businesses working no matter the weather, we’re also huge advocates of flexible working and helping your business digitally advance. Whatever your requirements, our team will be able to put together a solution to help you.


Don’t let snow business mean no business. Get in touch with our team for advice on cloud solutions today.

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