Teams talk: What’s coming to Microsoft Teams?

Published: 15 December 2020
Published: 15 December 2020

With a lot of us still working from home, the latest round of updates have been created with the user in mind to make the Teams experience as immersive as possible and of course, to enhance your calling, meeting and collaboration experiences on the platform. So, what are you waiting for?! Let’s jump straight in and take a look at these new features and what they mean for your business!

Say bye-bye to background noise…

AI isn’t only for robots…the latest Teams update sees real-time AI noise suppression automatically remove unwelcome background noise during your meetings. The nifty feature analyses the audio your mic picks up to filter out the noise and only retains your speech signals.

The new feature also allows users to control how much noise suppression they need for noisier backgrounds. Ideal for meetings on the go, busy locations and with kids at home for the Christmas holidays!

To turn on the new functionality in Teams, simply head to the Settings > Devices and scroll down to see the new noise suppression section.

Feel more together…even when you’re apart

New Together mode scene selection has been designed to make you feel closer to your team, despite being far apart. Choose from a variety of settings to customise your meetings and create a unique experience for your participants. From small conference room settings, to an outdoor amphitheatre, the scenes have been selected to help you feel more connected.

Have your say…introducing Polls in Teams meetings

To make meetings as immersive and as engaging as possible, the clever clogs over at Microsoft have updated the Polls feature in Teams , the seamless experience allows organisers to prepare, launch and evaluate polls before, during, and after meetings, respectively.

Participants can view and respond to the polls in pop-up bubbles or the chat pane. To enable the feature, simply add the Forms app as a tab in your Teams meeting. The new feature is Ideal for meeting feedback, gathering opinions and listening to the voice of the people!

Full screen mode makes a welcome return to Teams

The people have spoken, and Microsoft listened. The latest update sees Microsoft bring back full screen mode and it’s an ideal feature if you’re finding yourself becoming distracted with incoming notifications during Teams meetings, helping you to focus on the important stuff.

Meet instantly from your mobile

The latest Teams update now displays the familiar Meet Now icon on the calendar tab and in your Teams channels allowing you to connect with colleagues instantly, wherever you are. Once you’ve started a meeting, you can use any messaging app on your phone to share an invite or add contacts directly to your meeting. Anyone in the Teams channel can also join in without an invite – ideal for on the go meetings.

Teams also has introduced call merging for the platform – making communication as easy as possible for Teams users to keep everyone in the virtual loop!

Pinned Posts

Speaking of keeping in the loop, ever missed an important update in the Teams feed? Now you can keep key information easily accessible by pinning any message in any channel, the message will also appear in the channel information pane for all members to see.

Let your presence (or absence!) be known

Users can also now change their presence status for a specific period, letting others know when you’ll next be available and how long you’ll be away for. The new presence feature has been designed for users that prefer to take short breaks during working hours, or to limit notifications from colleagues when trying to focus.

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