Teams talk: What’s new in Microsoft Teams?

Published: 17 June 2021
Published: 17 June 2021

Dynamic view

Teams now automatically resizes shared content, enlarging video participants and spotlighted presenters for attendees, creating an enhanced viewing experience. The feature has been designed to tackle virtual meeting fatigue and give meetings a realistic feel.

To enable the new functionality, once in a meeting – simply select the “…” in your meeting options pane and select “Dynamic view”, Teams will automatically start to resize content to optimise the viewing experience for attendees.

Presenter mode

Speaking of improving Teams meetings, “Presenter mode” now allows users to customise how content is shared to meeting attendees. From appearing as a standout silhouette in front of shared content, to being able to point information out on slides – the new feature aims to make virtual presentations more immersive and engaging for meeting participants.

To use the new feature, once you’ve shared content, in the sharing options menu – simply select the standout option icon under “Presenter mode”.

Improved screen sharing

A highly anticipated feature – improved screensharing is now here! The simplified screensharing process is now a one-click solution allowing you to open windows in a grouped format to provide you with a concise view.

Breakout room timer

The latest update now allows meeting hosts to set timers for “Breakout rooms”, ideal for virtual events and large meetings. The new functionality allows organisers to set and control how long a “Breakout room” lasts. Once the room is closed, participants are automatically transferred back into the main meeting.

Once you have created a “Breakout room”, in the “Breakout rooms” menu, select the ellipsis “…” and select “Rooms settings”. Toggle the “Set a time limit” option to enable the feature and select a time limit for your “Breakout room”. Meeting organisers can also adjust the time limits of rooms throughout meetings by following the same steps.

Control settings for meeting attendees

Meeting hosts can now manage audio and video permissions for attendees – including blocking attendees from switching cameras and microphones on to avoid noises and visual distractions when hosting a large meeting or presenting material.

To use the feature, presenters can simply disable participant mics and cameras at any point during the meeting by selecting the ellipsis “…” and selecting “Disable mic for attendees/Disable camera for attendees”.

Call merging

Users can now merge and combine calls using the Teams application on desktop. With this updated feature, you can now merge 1:1 or group calls seamlessly by simply selecting the ellipsis “…” when waiting for your second call to connect, and then selecting “Call merge”.

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