The latest Microsoft Teams updates: December 2021

Published: 5 January 2022
Published: 5 January 2022

Updates include more advanced recording options and features that make it easier to organise your Teams meetings, and new features to make Teams chats being more accessible to all.

Order of raised hands

Know the order of who to call on first with the new order of raised hands. When you click on the Participants panel, it shows you who raised their hand and in what order, ensuring that all voices are heard and that that no participant is missed.

Teams meeting recordings

Multi-speed playback – You can now adjust the speed in which you watch your recordings (0.5x up to 2x)

High-quality transcripts – Meetings that have Teams Live Transcription turned on now have speaker attribution

Indexed recordings – Recorded meetings are indexed based on slide transitions, making it easier to absorb

Auto-recording – Meetings can now be set to automatically start recording

Auto-expiration – Coming soon, admins will be able to set when Teams meeting recordings are sent to the recycle bin by using a default number of days

Add description to images in chat

Allow your Teams messages to be more accessible to people using screen readers by adding alternative text to images. When you right-click on the image, you can select “Add alt text.”, enabling people with visual impairment to understand the whole content of your message.

Meeting room capacity notifications for Teams Rooms on Windows

This new feature notifies participants if the Team Room is over capacity. If the room is over capacity, a banner will show at the top of the front room screen to alert in-room meeting participants.

Hot Desking on Teams display

Perfect for hybrid working, Microsoft Teams hot desking allows employees to quickly locate and reserve flexible workspaces to make use of whilst still having the full Teams experience. If they’re already in the office, employees can reserve a workspace straight from their device or do it in advance through Teams and Outlook.

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