The latest Microsoft Teams updates: November 2021

Published: 10 December 2021
Published: 10 December 2021

This includes changes to Teams chats, with a new “top hits” section in your search results making it easier to find what you need, and Teams calls, with Content for Camera optimising content from documents and whiteboards for visibility on camera.

Microsoft Loop components in Teams chat allows users to edit messages, tables and task lists collaboratively

Loop components allows members of a group chat to edit messages inline and avoid a long back-and-forth chat thread about the topic at hand.

You can send a message with a component such as a table, task list or paragraph which can then be edited by everyone in the chat, inline at the same time. You can also see who wrote what when you click on any part of the component, and everyone can see the changes as they are made, making it easier to share ideas and track progress.

Whether you make edits in real-time or later, the information will always be up to date. You can also view the version history to see the previous versions of the component if needed, as well as recover content easily.

Find information more easily using “top hits” on Teams

“Top hits” makes it quicker and easier to find what you need on Teams, reducing the need to scroll through all the search results. This new section appears at the top of your auto-suggest results in the search bar, and gathers the most relevant results based on the people and content you engage with most in Teams, including people, group chats, teams, channels and files.

Use content from camera to enhance physical objects in a Teams meeting

Content from camera improves the way you share content from physical objects, such as books, documents and whiteboards. Your laptop camera, a secondary USB webcam or a document camera can all be used for this.

The content capture technology can detect, crop and frame an object such as a whiteboard, optimising the content for visibility in the video stream. Teams can resize a whiteboard so that it’s clearly visible on mobile screens, and presenters standing in front of the object can be made transparent to allow everyone to see the content clearly, all helping to make those attendees who aren’t physically present in the room feel more included in the meeting.

View real-time meeting captions within the Microsoft Teams meeting window

Whilst live Teams meeting captions have been an option for a while, you previously had to choose between viewing the presentation or the captions. You can now view real-time captions in the Microsoft Teams meeting window, rather than having to have a second window open. Captions can be enabled from the meeting options.

Upload custom music/audio for when a caller is on hold

When you place an incoming phone call on hold, you can now customise the music/audio the caller listens to whilst on hold.

Microsoft provides default music, but you can now also upload a customised audio file (with music or other audio content) that can be configured by creating a Teams calling policy and assigning the policy to the user.


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