Top Tip Thursday: Convert messages to tasks on Microsoft Teams to manage all your tasks in one place

Published: 29 July 2021
Published: 29 July 2021

When someone messages you in Teams asking you to do something or agrees to complete a job, you can convert that message into a task that you can track.

To do so, following these simple steps:

  1. Hover over the message and press the ellipses (…)
  2. If necessary, you can edit the task name so that it is clear and precise
  3. In ‘Create in’, you add the task in a general ‘Task’ section for yourself, or you can choose any channel that you’re in and add it to its to-do list
  4. If you choose a channel, you can assign the task to any members
  5. If there are multiple to-do lists, you can choose which one to put it in under ‘Buckets’
  6. Choose between Medium or Important for the task priority
  7. Under ‘Due date’, select the date you need the task to be completed by
  8. Add any additional information about the task under the ‘Notes’ section
  9. Finally, press Add task

The tasks you create in Teams automatically appear with the other tasks you create in the Tasks app, To Do, and Planner, meaning you can forget jotting things down on a sticky note and instead manage all your tasks in one place. Plus, this way makes it easier to remember who has asked you to do something as well as the specific tasks you have been asked to do.

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