Top Tip Thursday: Never miss a notification with SharePoint’s Alert Me feature

Published: 9 September 2021
Published: 9 September 2021

Did you know that if you want to keep on top of the changes/updates to your documents and items, you can set up an alert to be notified? Well, you can – and here’s how. 

These alerts can be set up so that you only get notified on alterations to specific lists, libraries, folders, files, and list items.  

To set up alerts for the changes in your SharePoint items, you need to:  

  1. Choose the folder, file, or link you want to receive an alert from.
  2. Press the …(ellipses) from the list of options and then select Alert Me’. 
  3. In the Alert me when items change’ pop up box, choose and change the options you want.
  4. Then press OK.

To receive alerts on all the changes within a document library, the process is similar. You need to: 

  1. Enter the list or library you want alerts from make sure no items are selected.
  2. As above, select the … (ellipses) from the list of options and then press Alert Me’. 
  3. Choose and change the options you want in the Alert me when items change’ pop up box. 
  4. Finally, press OK.

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