Top Tip Thursday: Never miss an important email in Outlook by using View Settings

Published: 14 October 2021
Published: 14 October 2021

You can use this rule to make emails from your boss or a specific client appear more obviously so that you don’t miss it.

To do this, you need to:

  1. Open Outlook and click the View
  2. In View, press View Settings.
  3. In the pop-up box, select Conditional Formatting.
  4. Then press Add to create a rule. In Name, choose what you would like to call the rule, i.e. ‘Boss’ or ‘Partner’.
  5. Press Condition and then From and then choose which email addresses you want the rule for.
  6. Click OK twice to confirm.
  7. Then select Font and choose whether to change what font it is, the style (i.e. italics or bold), size, colour, or to add an effect (i.e. underline or strikethrough).
  8. Press OK three times to confirm.

Note: if you feel as though your inbox is getting overcrowded and cluttered, check out our previous Top Tip on archiving items in your inbox to give you more space, helping you to be more organised.

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