Top Tip Thursday: Share messages from Teams to Outlook and vice versa

Published: 7 October 2021
Published: 7 October 2021

Well, Microsoft have made it easier for you to share and collaborate with your colleagues by allowing you to share Team messages on Outlook and vice versa without having to switch between apps. You can do this from both a chat with one person, a group chat, and a channel conversation.

How to share a copy of a message from Teams to Outlook:

  1. In your Teams chat, hover over the text you want to send and press the ellipsis •••, then select Share to Outlook.
  2. Select the recipient(s) for the email. Here, you have similar email options such as adding an attachment, highlighting text, or setting the importance.
  3. Then, press Send to share your chat.

To share a copy of an email from Outlook to Teams, simply:

  1. In your Outlook message, press Share to Teams in the toolbar ribbon.
  2. If the email was sent to multiple people in your organisation, Microsoft will suggest sending the message to them, but you have the option to choose any person, group, or channel on Teams.
  3. Similar to normal Teams messages, you can add text for more information, @someone to get their attention or add additional attachments.
  4. Finally, press Send to share your email.

If there are attachments in your email, they are automatically included when you send it to Teams but it can be removed if you don’t want them included.

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