Top Tip Thursday: Take your Teams collaboration to the next level with Microsoft’s Loop components

Published: 10 February 2022
Published: 10 February 2022

As you edit work together, you can see who has made the specific changes in real time, making sharing ideas and tracking progress effortless.

To use Loop components in Teams, all you need to do is:

  1. Click the Loop components icon at the bottom of the page
  2. Select which component you would like to collaborate on. You can choose between a bulleted list, checklist, numbered list, paragraph, table, and task list
  3. Fill in the title and relevant information for the component
  4. In the Link settings, choose who will have access to the link. You can choose between:
    1. Anyone with the link
    2. People in your organisation with the link
    3. People currently in this chat
    4. People with existing access
    5. Specific people
  5. Tick ‘Allow editing’ to allow others to make changes to the component
  6. Click Apply, then Send

Information on the components will always be up to date, regardless of if the edits are made in real-time or later. You can also view the previous versions of the component by viewing the version history, allowing you to easily recover content.

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