Top Tip Thursday: Use Adobe Acrobat tools to edit your PDFs

Published: 2 December 2021
Published: 2 December 2021

You no longer need to print your documents to annotate comments, highlight sections of the page, or even to sign the paper! For steps on how to do this, read below.


  1. Select the sticky notes button at the top panel of the page (shortcut Ctrl+6).
  2. Click on the screen where you want your comment to appear.
  3. Type in your comment.
  4. Press the X in the top right corner of the note to close the comment.
  5. You should then see a yellow box where you selected your comment to appear. Hover over the box to see your comment.


  1. Select the highlighter pen in the top panel of the page, next to the comment box button.
  2. Click and drag your cursor over the item you want to highlight. As well as text, you can highlight pictures and anything else on the page.


  1. Select the pen in the top panel of the page, next to the highlighter pen.
  2. Choose between adding a signature or your initials on the document.
  3. If you choose signature, Adobe automatically adds your name but you can change this to whatever you prefer. You can type your signature in, draw it, or upload a file. For initials, you can type this in.

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