Ian Taylor

Service Master


I’m Ian, my official title here is “Service Master”, but in essence, I’m responsible for managing our award-winning IT helpdesk to ensure that our team keep providing you with the proactive and quick support you need.


Personally speaking

Outside of work I am an avid gamer – Diablo 3 and World of Warcraft Classic are amongst the bigger titles I play. I am also a Derby County fan, #COYR!

For leisure, I love spending time walking our dogs and watching TV, either sport or history documentaries (when I’m allowed access to the TV control that is).

Experience and expertise

I’ve worked in the IT industry since the millennium when everyone thought the world would end by the setting of dates on computers at midnight on 1/1/2000(!) so, as you can imagine, a lot has changed since then! Though one thing has not – my (and our team’s) want to go the extra mile when it comes to identifying any of your issues, establishing suitable solutions, and keeping you updated every step of the way.

I cover everything from password resetting to resolving complex mail flow. As a seasoned IT professional with over 20 years, you can rely on me to expertly deliver effective solutions for your business, regardless of how complex the issue may be.

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