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Published: 16 May 2022

Proudly part of the PKF global family

Global connectivity, local knowledge

As a PKF Smith Cooper group company, and an active member of PKF International, we are part of a much larger global network of legally independent, like-minded firms. Located in the 5 fastest growing global markets, we have a presence in 150 countries, spanning many jurisdictions.

An ambitious, future-focused network, PKF provides a comprehensive range of services. Operating in unison with member firms across the world, we are able to share our ideas, expertise, and specialist resources to better serve our clients, delivering highly personalised services and global connectivity through our client-centric culture.


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Our services: IT consultancy and cyber security

The team here at Infuse Technology consists of expert technicians who are fully trained and highly experienced in providing tailored IT solutions to help clients achieve both short-and long-term business objectives.

We help to implement effective technological solutions that assure business continuity and efficiency and are appropriate to your business and your business only.

Working in unison with our group company PKF Smith Cooper, our team provides specialist IT support, from business continuity and crisis planning to managing IT infrastructure and paperless offices.

We also provide clients with the highest level of cyber security support, implementing practical solutions to protect against cyber-attacks, from simple phishing scams to complex data security breaches.

Our worldwide network means we have the skills and experience to provide professional IT support to business of all sizes, and in all sectors, on a global scale.

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