Top Tip Thursday: Microsoft Lens

Published: 4 February 2021
Published: 4 February 2021

Microsoft have recently rebranded their Microsoft Lens app (previously Microsoft Office Lens) as a powerhouse pocket scanning tool equipped with new features and capabilities. Currently, the newer features are being rolled out for Android devices, with iOS rolling out the updates in upcoming months. The document scanner is ideal for those working from home or participating in e-learning who don’t have a scanner at home.

New features on the app include adding images to text and tables, an immersive reader and QR code scanning.

How to use Microsoft Lens?

  1. Download the Microsoft Lens app from the Google Play or Apple store. Follow the instructions onscreen and allow the app to access your camera.
  2. The camera will open and try to frame the document. Once you are happy with the framing, capture the image by pressing the white button on screen.
  3. Once the image is processed, you’ll see a preview where you can crop and edit the image, tap ‘Confirm’ when complete.
  4. Select where you’d like the image to be saved and add a title when prompted (optional).

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